Smart Move - Technology in response to your needs


Smart Move technology, developed and implemented in Poland by Grospol, is the answer to the needs of active users who value intelligent solutions. Its main purpose is to improve seating and relieve the back during prolonged office work. 

The development of intelligent Smart Move technology, which supports active sitting, made it possible to design the unique Smart armchair, which additionally delights with its toned down and comfortable design. 

The Smart Chair provides support for the entire spine during daily desk duties, as well as during leaning or oblique movements, where the weight of support rests on the right or left side of the back. In addition, it has a unique construction of the backrest and seat, which dynamically adjust to the user's movements in the chair. 

Nowadays, working at a desk does not only involve monotonous work at a computer. It's also operating office equipment, arranging documents, or talking to clients. Continuous movement that can now be performed without having to get up from your chair. 

Smart Move - technology in response to your needs. 

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