Innovative fabrics with Virus Protect coating


The offer of Grospol upholstery fabrics has been expanded by STRONG fabric possessing exceptional properties - Virus Protect, providing permanent protection against viruses, bacteria and fungi. Active particles contained in the fabric coating penetrate the DNA of microorganisms effectively destroying them and disinfecting the fabric surface.

Nowadays, it is particularly important to maintain hygiene and frequent use of disinfectants. Support in the fight against viral infections is also the cleaning of furniture surfaces, including upholstered ones. STRONG fabric with Virus Protect coating is designed to remove all dangerous microorganisms from their surface, thus reducing the risk of infection. It reduces as much as 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and fungi present on the surface of the fabric on a chair or office armchair.

See how the Virus Protect coating works:

STRONG fabric is completely safe for humans and the environment, as confirmed by the Oeko-Tex certificate.

The safety of Virus Protect is also confirmed by:

  • World Health Organization; WHO
  • European Chemical Agency; BPR/ECHA
  • USA Environmental Protection Agency; EPA

Strong fabric combines functionality, unique design and comfort of use. Exceptionally soft and pleasant to the touch, it has easy-cleaning properties that guarantee a clean chair for many years. Additionally Strong is a pet friendly fabric thanks to its higher scratch resistance.

The majority of chairs and armchairs manufactured by Grospol offer the possibility of using the innovative STRONG fabric. To get to know them better, click HERE.

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