Futura in improved version PLUS


The enormously popular FUTURA armchair has been enhanced with the new PLUS functionality, which has a positive effect on its ergonomics. The new adjustment options allow you to adjust the armchair even better to your needs, thus ensuring a correct and healthy position while working at your desk.

Features of Futura Plus chair:

  1. Backrest height adjustment in the range of as much as 65 mm with the possibility to lock the height in as many as six levels. The Futura Plus chair is recommended for users even taller than 190 cm.
  2. Adjustable lumbar profile for correct posture (natural lordosis of the spine) with the possibility of adjusting the height to the user.
  3. 3D adjustable headrest (4S Plus version) in height, depth and rotation around the horizontal axis provides comfortable support during long hours of work and moments of rest.
  4. The 4D armrests adjustable in height, pad length, distance from the seat and pad angle ensure correct positioning of the arms for work at the desk.
  5. The Synchro Self SF2 movement mechanism, allowing the seat and back to simultaneously perform a "rocking" motion, and the chair can be locked in any desired tilt position. The mechanism itself adjusts the resistance of the rocker to the user's weight. Additionally the chair is equipped with the "Anti-Shock" function which prevents the backrest from hitting the user's back.

The Futura Plus chair is available with a headrest (Futura 4S Plus) and without a headrest (Futura 3S Plus).

Futura 4S Plus Futura 3S Plus


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