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Pofit WS


Product description

Pofit armchairs are a novelty in our offer! It is distinguished by its original and innovative design. Pofit presents the latest standard of healthy sitting position. It uses technology that provides above-average support and spine protection.

The WS version stands for the white frame of the chair (W) and the Bionic Mesh mesh on the backrest and seat (S). In our offer you will also find other configurations including black frame and upholstered seat.



The Pofit family of armchairs is characterised by the highest ergonomic parameters, which are also found in the well-known IOO and Ergohuman models.

A technologically advanced, flexible skeleton provides support and protection for the spine during use.


The Vertical frame is divided into parts. Each of them is responsible for a different part of the spine (cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral).

The horizontal frame provides support and protection across the entire width of the back,

The horizontal and vertical frames are dynamic. They move reacting to the movement of the user's back.


Comfortable and ergonomic open shoulder part allows free support. The edges of the backrest are not limited by the frame. The mesh backrest allows air to flow freely.


The dynamic vertical backrest frame has 9 full support sections for: 3 thoracic vertebrae, 5 lumbar vertebrae and 1 sacral vertebrae. This total support will help reduce back pain during long working hours.

Adjustable push profile. The 7-step adjustment ensures the correct profile and an optimal fit for the user. You decide how high and deep the back support point should be and how much it should affect your back.


Advanced adjustment in 5 panes to suit your individual needs:
- 1D adjustable head rest height,
- 2D height adjustment of the entire headrest structure (independent of the adjustment of the support itself),
- 3D inclination adjustment of the entire headrest structure (independent of the angle adjustment of the support position)
- 4D adjustment of the head support inclination angle,
- 5D Dynamic self-adjustment of the shape: the support works together with your head, is flexible in responding to its movements and provides the best possible support,


3D adjustment. The adjustable pad angle and length of the armrest provide support i.a. when typing on the keyboard (the pads facing inside) or getting up from the chair (the pads facing outside).

Height adjustment allows ergonomic positioning of the forearm (90 degrees in relation to the torso), which significantly reduces the strain on the back muscles during many hours of work.

The seat depth adjustment allows to set the length of the seat to suit your height. The selected depth (length) of the seat is set in front by grabbing the seat with both hands and gradually moving it forward. Appropriate adjustment of the seat depth will allow you to fully utilise the functions of the backrest and seat. It also reduces the risk of numbness of the thigh during long work.

The seat is also equipped with a knob to adjust the seat tension. There are 2 modes available: stiff and softer. This will allow you to adjust the hardness of the seat to your preferences.

In the presented WS version, the armchair's structure is WHITE (designation W) and the seat is upholstered with a durable MESH (designation S). The backrest is upholstered with a mesh of high abrasion resistance (over 100,000 Martindale cycles).


The armchair is equipped with a synchronous movement mechanism, which allows for a combined deflexion of the backrest and seat with the possibility of locking in one of the 4 selected positions,

  • If the synchronous movement of the backrest and seat is activated, the chair imitates the user's movement and provides continuous support for the user's back and head along the entire length,
  • The release of movement or blocking of a selected position is performed with the use of an aesthetic joystick, which is shown in the animation below,
  • The force of resistance of the backrest during movement automatically adjusts to the weight
  • Seat height smoothly adjustable and controlled by joystick

Mobile base:

The aluminium polished mobile base is completely defect-free and elegant.

As a standard, the Pofit chair is equipped with high (60mm) soft castors, safe for parquet and panels. They are also perfect for carpets.

The gaslift:

Smooth height adjustment is provided by a pneumatic gaslift with an adjustment range of 85 mm. The outer housing is chrome-plated.



Pofit armchairs have the Strength and Safety Certificate issued by PUR "Remodex" Department of Furniture Industry Research and Implementation, the Strength and Safety Certificate issued by an international research organization SGS and a Greenguard certificate confirming the manufacturer's responsibility for the environment, 

Guarantee: The chair is subject to the „Longer Guarantee” package which lasts 5 years, door-to-door system is provided with your comfort in mind.


Pofit WS black

Pofit WS grey

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