Magic Velvet S

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Magic Velvet belongs to the 1st price group.

Magic Velvet is a fabric from the Polish producer Toptextil, characterised by a very soft and pleasant to the touch structure. Thanks to the technology used, Cleanaboo has properties that limit the absorption of liquids into the fabric, so that the spilled liquid does not penetrate into the fabric. This allows to quickly remove the spilled substance without leaving stains on the chair.

Magic Velvet has very good usability parameters, among others, abrasion resistance (60.000 Martindale cycles) and the highest pilling resistance (5/5). Moreover, this is a flame-retardant fabric that has all the required attestations thanks to which it can be used wherever high safety standards must be met - hotels, restaurants, public utility facilities.

Magic Velvet is also the fabric with the PETPROOF mark, showing the increased resistance to scratches and thread pulling caused by animal claws. It has a smooth surface, thanks to which animal hairs do not stick to its structure and they are easy to remove with a clothes roller or a damp cloth.


Composition 100% polyester
Weight 300 g/m2
Abrasion resistance 60 000 Martindale cycles
Colour fastness to rubbing dry 4/ wet 4
Pilling 5
Flammability EN 1021 part 1 (cigarette)
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