New - Marti chair for active users


The Polish brand of office chairs Grospol is expanding its offer with an innovative product dedicated to active users. The ergonomic MARTI chair is maintained in the Smart Move technology, thanks to which the backrest dynamically adapts to the user's movements. The back is supported along its entire length, both when working at the computer and during leaning or diagonal movements, where the weight of the support rests on the right or left part of the back.

Marti is distinguished by a number of adjustments that allow you to adjust the chair to individual needs:

✅ Adjustable lumbar profile with height and depth,

✅ The LP11 Plus mechanism thanks to which the backrest tilts in synchronous movement with the seat, allowing you to lock the selected position.

✅ Adjustable seat depth,

✅ 3D armrests (adjustable in 3 planes) - up-down, front-back and the angle of the position of the soft overlay,

✅ Adjustable headrest.

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