New upholstery fabrics in Grospol's offer


Grospol continues its tradition of delivering innovative and high-quality solutions for its customers, and the new upholstery fabric collections, Bondai, Seattle, and Omega, are perfect examples of this philosophy. Now, customers have an even greater selection to tailor their decor to their individual needs and tastes. Grospol sets a higher standard in terms of comfort, style, and quality. These materials are an excellent choice for both commercial properties and home use, offering not only unparalleled quality but also durability and a variety of textures.

Bondai by Fidivi: Bondai is a jacquard crepe fabric known for its uniform color and exceptional texture. Made from high-quality polyester, it guarantees softness and comfort. Bondai is a flame-resistant fabric with a weight of 250 g/m2, making it ideal for office and commercial spaces. However, its exceptional abrasion resistance (150,000 Martindale cycles) ensures it will also excel in a home environment. Bondai is Oeko-Tex certified, confirming its quality and safety for use.

Seattle by Elastron: Seattle is a fabric distinguished by its thickness and outstanding technical parameters. With a weight of 460 g/m2 and an abrasion resistance of 90,000 Martindale cycles, Seattle offers exceptional durability. This fabric is perfect for office chairs and seats, as well as home furniture. Seattle is also recommended for pet owners due to its resistance to scratches and easy cleaning with water. The Seattle collection is Oeko-Tex certified, demonstrating its top quality and safety.

Omega by Elastron: Omega is a unique eco-leather known for its excellent durability (over 500,000 Martindale cycles) and flame resistance. Its texture mimics natural leather, combined with a satin finish and beautiful color options, making this collection prestigious and perfect for executive chairs, conference room seating, and waiting areas. Omega is highly resistant to scratches, light, and friction, ensuring its long-lasting quality. The Omega collection has a REACH declaration, confirming its high quality and safety.

We invite you to explore Grospol's new upholstery fabrics and discover how you can elevate the comfort and aesthetics of your office environment.

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