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Team Plus HD


Product description

Team Plus is a BESTSELLER in our offer, now equipped with a functional headrest. Team Plus HD is an ergonomic chair equipped with a number of crucial functions. In our offer you can individually select the mechanism, armrests and fabric according to your needs. All this makes the chair adjusted to your expectations, ensuring appropriate comfort of use.



Synchro S1 ensures smooth, coordinated movement of the back support and seat. It mimics the movement of the user in the chair, providing ergonomic back support along the entire length.
Synchronous back support and seat tilt (back support movement is faster and further) can be locked in several positions.
The resistance of the back support during tilting can be adjusted by fitting the chair to user’s weight.
When not locked, the back support constantly follows the user's back, guaranteeing constant support over the entire length of the back. You can lock the selected tilt position.

Synchro Plus SP2 provides additional seat depth adjustment. This function allows you to adjust its length to the user’s height. The allows for a better performance of the back support, both in the case of short and tall people.

The AntiShock function ensures that the back support does not immediately return to its standard working position when the selected tilt position lock is released. Exerting a little pressure with the user's back releases the sway function and the possibility of another lock in different position.


In its standard version, the chair has adjustable armrests R6 to ensure the correct positioning of the forearm and hands for desk work.

The up and down adjustment allows to adjust its height so that the forearm is at a 90 degree angle to the torso, which significantly relieves the back muscles during long work in a sitting position. The armrest height adjustment range is 70 mm.

You can also order Team Plus R1 armrests with multi-faceted adjustment.
- up-down 70 mm range,
- front-back 60 mm range,
- pad position tilt +/- 15 degrees range. Lightweight, white or polished aluminum chassis with 65 mm diameter castors.

Headrest: A functional, adjustable headrest is an inseparable element of every ergonomic office chair. Up-down adjustment within the range of 70 mm allows to adjust the chair to the user’s height. The headrest's angle adjustment allows for proper support at the back of the head, relieving the neck.

Foot base: The chair has a five-armed foot base in two variants: BLACK (black nylon) and CHROME (aluminum, polished). The basic variant includes soft wheels intended for hard surfaces (woodblock floor, panels) 65 mm high, which has a positive influence on the design.

Backrest: upholstered with one out of many available fabrics on both sides. Clearly ergonomic shapes, and special attention must be paid to the lumbar profile. The backrest base is the hardwood 10 mm thick and polyurethane foam 25kg/m3 dense.

Seat: upholstered with one of available fabrics. The base is the hardwood and polyurethane foam 35kg/m3 dense.

Guarantee: 36 months, door-to-door system for your full comfort.

Certificates: Resistance and Safe Use Certificate issued by PUR Remodex Zakład Badań i Wdrożeń Przemysłu Mebalrskiego, for users whose weight does not exceed 150 kg.



Polish manufacturer's fabric with a uniform colour, thick weave. It is characterised by high resistance to abrasion – as much as 140 thousand cycles. Resistant to pilling (4, UNI EN ISO 12945-2, 1-5, max. 5). It has a low cigarette and match flammability


Polish manufacturer's fabric made of 100% polyester. Clear, consistent, thick weave, intense colours. High resistance to abrasion, which is 160 thousand Martindale cycles. Pilling resistance of 5 points on a five-step scale.


Beautiful fabric with a delicate weave, two-colour with the addition of grey thread. Made from 98% recycled polyester and 2% traditional polyester. It is very resistant to pilling and sunlight. An additional advantage in the form of delicate timeless past


Excellent homogeneous, tight fabric. Practical in use with resistance to abrasion 75000 Martindale cycles. It has certificates (EN1021, BS5852, Cal117 E, UNI 9175) of flammability. High pilling resistance.


Washable fabric (ecoskin) of recognised reputation and high quality parameters. High resistance to abrasion, which is 300 thousand Martindale cycles and the light (7/8 of scale UNI EN ISO 105-Bo2) and pilling (4/5 UNI EN ISO-X12).


Polyester fabric pleasant to touch and use with high breathability, gsm 480 g/m2. Almost the highest resistance to pilling (4-5/5). High resistance to abrasion, which is 80 thousand Martindale cycles. It has a low cigarette and match flammability certific


An upholstery fabric made of 95% wool and 5% polyamide with a weight of 400g/m2. Densely woven in pastel colours, it fits perfectly into most arrangements. High resistance to abrasion, which is 100 thousand Martindale cycles.
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